What is Presence Scheduler?
Previously called "Slack Presence", Presence Scheduler is an application made by us on the Slack (Slack Technologies Inc) platform which offers two services:

  • 1) The ability to appear "active" with a green dot next to your name on slack according to whatever scheduler you choose. Users can create schedules and manage their online activity according to their preferences.

  • 2) The ability to monitor, view and download their status history - so users can see and know exactly when they were online or offline. They can can view charts of their previous online activity and download it in excel format.
Why did you change your name from Slack Presence to Presence Scheduler?
Slack Technologies Inc thought the name "Slack Presence" implied that it was an application made by them - instead of just an application which was being hosted on their platform and made by a third party (us). They asked to change the name and domain name to make the distinction between our services clear.
Is Presense Scheduler free?
We offer a free trial for 7 days for you to test out the application - it comes with most of the features as the paid account except that it is only meant for testing purposes. We allow you to add one channel and keep this active 24/7 to test how the application works.

Once you upgrade you will get additional features such as choosing schedules (ex. 9am-5pm) and tracking your slack channel presence history. You can see when you have been online/offline and how much you have been working and seen by other on slack.
Why was Presense Scheduler built?
Slack will make you appear offline every 30 minutes, and I was constantly going offline - even though I was at my computer. I wanted a way to appear online without having to use my computer at all. Slack scheduler was built to allow you to remain online all the time.
The app is not working for me... can you help?

Yes. There could be any number of reasons why the app is not working for you. Lets go through them.

1) You are looking at the wrong team... You have to create a new team on my app for each team you have on slack. Each team will require its own api key to stay online

2) You have not activated your schedule... Make sure that your team/schedule you create appears green (and not red), that the scheduled times are set correctly and that the days of the week are also set correctly.

3) You are looking at the graph on the /team page wrong.... the graph gets updated every hour and does not show online activity in between hours. So even though you set your schedule for 9am, and you notice that the graph shows your first online status at 9.30, it just means that we only recorded you online at 9.30, but you were actually online at 9.

4) You think that you should stay active even when you close your computer or when it sleeps. For this application to work you will need to keep the slack appilcation open on your computer or mobile and not have your computer go to sleep.

5) If there is any other kind of problem please contact me via the contact form.

How can I test this app to see if its working?

For Free Users:
After you input your api key and create your team, you can test if the app is working by logging into your slack team on your slack app and clicking "Set yourself to away". Watch as your status will come back online within 10 minutes. We do not keep free users logged in, we only keep their status from turning to away. You will still appear offline with the free version. Also the "Last Used" timestamp on the teams page will tell you the last time we tried to keep you active.

For Presense Scheduler Subscription Users:
To test if your app is working, all you have to do is visit the /team page to view your teams historical presence statuses - and see if they are active or not according to the schedule that you have set. Also the "Last Used" timestamp on the teams page will tell you the last time we tried to keep you active.

For Status History Subscription Users:
Simply visit the teams page and click on the graph of the team you want to see data for. This will bring you to a page where you can view/download all of your data for that team.
Can I install this app without my company (which controls our slack account) knowing about it?
In the past - yes this was possible, but slack has since changed how their API worked and they have prevented us from using legacy tokens to keep you online. Now you must install our slack app into your workspace, and anyone who checks can see that it exists.

However, our app is also a tool to track your slack history, so there is no reason why you should be afraid to show your company. We wanted to help show you how much you have been working and provide you with statistics and data.
I no longer need Presense Scheduler and want to close my account. How can I do that?
To delete your account you first need to delete all of your teams and slack channels and unsubscribe from all payment plans. Then visit this profile page and click "delete account" at the bottom of the page.
How can I reset my password?
How can I delete my account?
Please log in and visit the profile page: https://presencescheduler.com/profile . Here you can click the "delete account" button.
What is your refund policy?
We issue refunds according the the following cases:

  • Case 1: You have made only 1 payment on your subscription, and it has been less then 7 days since your subscription was created:
    100% refund.
  • Case 2: You have made only 1 payment on your subscription, and it has been more then 7 days since your subscription was created:
    no refund
  • Case 3: You have made more then one payment on your subscription and it has been less then 7 days since your subscription was renewed:
    50% refund
  • Case 4: You have made more then one payment on your subscription and it has been more then 7 days since your subscription was renewed:
    no refund

We offer a 100% refund in the first case so that users can try the app and make sure they like it without any risk. Additionally, as stated above, we offer a 50% refund if it has been less then 7 days since your subscription has renewed. We also will send you an email 7 days in advance of your subscription renewal date so that you have time to cancel if necessary.

How can I unsubscribe from the service.
You can unsubscribe from the service at any time by loggin in and visiting the pricing page. Simple click the unsubscribe button to unsubscribe.
How do the graphs work on the /team page to show your online activity?
The graph gets updated ever hour though our "status checker" tool and shows your status as it was at the time specified. The graph does not show activity between hours so it is not possible to know exactly what time you came online and went offline at during any day. The graph only provides a rough estimate of your online activity. For example. if you set your slack channel to come online at 9.00am, and notice that the graph records your first online status at 9.30, it just means that the first time you were seen online by our 'status checker' tool was at 9.30, but you were actually online at 9.00am.

Additionally, The slack scheduler is not perfect, and every ten minutes or so you may go offline for a few seconds. Sometimes people think the app was not working because for one hour it shows they were offline when they should of been online - however their presence was just observed during the few seconds they were offline and in reality they were actually online for 99% of the time.
Can my boss or company see that I am using this app?
If they check which apps are installed on your workspaces yes. However they will not be able to tell if you are paying user and actually using the application - only that someone on their team is potentially using it. However - Presence Scheduler is also an appilation for tracking your presence history, so you shouldn't have a problem sharing this information with your company.
How can I download this app?
You cannot download Presence Scheduduler - it is an online-only app which connects to the Slack API and keeps you appearing active. You do not need to install or download anything. To use it simply connect your slack account to the website on the /team page.
How can I change my credit card on file?
We do not store your credit cards on our website - everything is handelled with our credit card processed Stripe. To update your card, you will need to unsubscribe, and then resubscribe with the correct card. To avoid having to pay twice, please wait until your subscription is about to renew and then go ahead and change your card. We will send you an email 7 days before your subscription will renew so that you will have to time make the change.