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Welcome to the greatest Slack App and Slack Productivity tool on the internet! We have helped thousands of people find more time during their workday, make more money, and present themselves online in the way they want. The major problem with Slack is that your status (ex. the green dot next to your name - and the most important thing people look at when they see you in the application) will turn offline after 30 minutes of inactivity. This is extremely annoying because it signals to others that your not available to talk or not working!

Our OverWork Culture

In our overwork culture, this can mean lots of trouble for people expected to be available all the time. People are pressured to spend long hours in the office, take minimal breaks, and sacrifice their social lives for their company or boss. This however flies in the face of research which shows that working 55 hours and 75 hours will result in almost the same level of productivity - and that switching to a 4 day workweek can have lots of benefits for some companies.

Take Back Control

But you don’t have to be a victim to this culture! Enter Slack Presence - the tool which makes it look like your online - even when your not. With Slack Presence, you can set schedules to appear online and active in slack whenever you want. You can track your status history to see when you were online or offline, and take back control of your workday.

How Does it work?

  1. Firstly we recommend clicking here to sign up for slack presence.
  2. Once you have an account, you can go ahead and purchase the plan to get the full set of benefits. The main advantage of the paid version is that it will keep you online when you are away from your computer or shut down slack (the free version just stops your status from going to away while your using it).
  3. Once you have your account you can go ahead and create a team - to connect your slack channel to the scheduling software to keep you online. Our scheduling software works by using your API key to communicate with slack to keep you online. To add your team you will need to follow the following steps to get your API key:
  4. CLICK HERE to sign into slack.
  5. CLICK HERE to generate the slack legacy token for your team.

Once you have your API key, you can copy and paste it into the form not he create a team page. Once its all set up, you can turn the team on and off as you like, or edit it to change what times of day you want it active for. å

How Much Does It Cost?

As discussed above there is a free version, but it only stops your status from going to away while your working and won’t keep you online all the time. Slack Presence currently has two plans: a $2/month plan with a one year term and a lifetime plan for $250. The most popular is the $2/month plan - a small price to pay for the hours of extra time you gain from appearing online. If your a freelancer it will pay itself off very quickly since appearing online all the time will make it much more likely for clients to reach out to you.


Slack presence is an amazing slack productivity tool which helps you fight back against our overwork culture by allowing you to control your status on slack. You will be able to appear online whenever you want!. This can help you reclaim hours of your workday, make it look like your available so people will reach out to you, or simply make you look like pulling 80 hours weeks ALL THE TIME. This investment in your time only costs $2/month! Register Now! å