Increase your income with Slack Presence

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Its true that everyone wants to make more money, but not everyone actually knows how to do it - or how to do it within a short time period. If your sick and tired of the 3% per year pay raise (just to keep up with inflation), know that with a little help from slack presence, you can significantly boost your earning potential.

Double Your Output.

In my case, the easiest way I found to double my income was to simple get twice as much done - i.e. getting another job. Right now it may seem impossible for you to work two jobs - but its possible if you are in the right circumstances and go about it strategically.

Introducing Our Presence Scheduler

Slack Presence is a productivity tool I created to be able to be seen online - even if your not. It makes sure your presence is always active and prevents it from being set to “away”. Since slack will set you to “away” automatically this is an important feature. It allows you to appear online even when your not. It allows you to take an extra long lunch break, step out of the office for a few minutes during the day, or just appear to be working hard.

In my case, I used Slack Presence Scheduler to gain a little bit of extra time during the day to get an extra job. It took me weeks to find but it was worth it - The position was a partly remote working position which only required me to attend a meeting every other month.

I was able to use slack presence for both of these positions and gain a bit of extra freedom. I used the extra time afforded to be by the Presence Scheduler to hire and manage remote workers to complete the remote tasks for me.